The Chile Pepper APPROACH

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Experience is everything, and with 24+ years experience, Houston Fitness Consultants, we understand the importance of making your personal program YOUR personal program.  Balancing experience, fitness, wellness, recovery, nutrition, individual ability, and focused goal setting, we will develop a program that is completely original to your needs and goals.

Our unique philosophy, the "Chile Pepper Approach to Exercise, Health and Wellness" is designed to give you the benefits of all types of functional fitness, including mind, body, and spirit. Take a look below and you’can see what Houston Fitness Consultants can do for you. It's time to make your exercise and your goals personal!


Houston Fitness Consultants consists of the husband and wife team of Dan and Cherie Houston.  Dedicated to the active lifestyle and passionate about teaching others to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals, and improve their health and wellness are the basis for everything we do.  Our approach is about improving quality of life...in the gym, in sports, after hours, at home...we benefit from the approach we take, and we want our clients to feel as well as we do!


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We have over 24 years experience as personal trainers, wellness coaches, medical exercise specialists and group fitness to design and implement highly customized programs!  

More than just exercise and weight loss, our unique approach includes considerable experience in one on one training, medical exercise, clinical exercise, small group training, lifestyle and weight management coaching, wellness coaching, metabolic testing and more...


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What is the most productive way to make the progress you want?  

Know where you are, know where you have been, and know where you want to go.  

We can help.  Our comprehensive assessment and consultation helps us help you set out on your path to the lifestyle you have always wanted, and the health you deserve!


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