The Chile Pepper APPROACH

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Confused by diet claims and frustrated with the results of your diet attempts? We offer state-of-the-art, evidence based, common sense nutrition planning and weight management programs designed around your unique metabolism.  We call upon our 30+ years experience, our continuing education, our healthy partners and our certifications to provide you with the type of safe, lifelong education that can help you reach your weight loss goals.  No Gimmicks.  No Magic Pills.  No Fine Print Guarantees.  No Excuses.

Developing a sensible, intelligent weight management program involves balancing the calories you consume with the calories you burn, stimulating your metabolism and improving your recovery ability.  We do NOT promote unhealthy fad diets or dangerous and unproven supplements.  We are constantly researching industry trends and discoveries, but the one common denominator is that an informed client is a successful client.  We want to empower YOU to make the healthiest and smartest choices you can make!

Our weight management programs are based on caloric requirements, RMR, activity level, exercise planning, and specific goals. When we design a meal plan, it will include the foods YOU like and in portions correct for your goals. We can also work around any dietary limitations you may have, our programs are very flexible, based on clinically developed programs by registered dietitians, and more importantly, substitution is easy!

As part of our commitment to your success, we teach you about how to read food labels, understand macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats), prepare healthy meals, and, most importantly, learn to track eating and nutrition habits. We offer our own custom diet tracking sheets, but also offer outstanding software to assist in tracking and planning via the individual client version of Dietmaster Pro planning software. Note: the client version is available via fitness professionals only; please Contact Us for price details.

Our programs are practical, efficient, and simple to implement. We understand the obstacles facing our clients, and we have 30 years combined experience developing effective weight management programs. We do not jump on and off every diet trend trying to capitalize on aggressive marketing campaigns; we employ common sense and proven science with every program.  We can answer your questions about the latest trends and help you make solid, informed decisions about the steps you need to take to maximize your efforts on the gym, at the store, and at the table.

Our love of food and our desire to help our clients really enjoy their food led us to develop our All Natural Global Warming Salsa.  Our goal of exploring global cultures and global cuisines allowed us to help our clients add exotic flavors and healthy, all natural goodness to their diets, Houston Fitness Consultants developed a 24 time national award-winning salsa, Global Warming Salsa.

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