Chile Pepper Approach to Exercise, Health and Wellness:  "Turning Up the Heat"

You have probably noticed all the chile pepper themes with Houston Fitness Consultants...they peppers were the inspriation for the entire approach that we apply to our clients programs and to our general approach to wellness!  How is it that chile peppers fit?

It is all about "tolerance" to HEAT (or "work")".  Everyone knows the fiery reputation chile peppers have, and even if you are not a fan of chile peppers, you probably still understand the reference to "Turning Up the Heat"...sometimes the heat level is JUST right, sometimes it is not enough, and sometimes it is just TOO MUCH...

We developed our approach around the same principles.  Uniquely tailored to your metabolism, skills, willingness to work, and recovery ability.

Everyone has a slightly different tolerance for how much "heat" they can handle, how much is good for them, and how much is too little...when it comes to bright, colorful and flavorful peppers, the distinction is easy...too mild and you may not see what the big deal is about the heat...too hot and you may never want to go back and try it again...but somewhere in between, there is that pepper that gets it just right...just enough heat that you smile when it hits you, not so hot that you make excuses about wanting more, and just the right heat level that makes you want to come back again and again...(now, don't go thinking that hotter is always's not about that!)

The same philosophy can be applied to exercise...if your exercise program is too "mild", you won't feel challenged and will probably lose interest quickly...if it is too "hot", you may not like the delayed onset muscle soreness and joint stress the next day or two, and you may think that if it hurts like that all the time, you want NO part of it...but somewhere in between the extremes, there is a program that fits YOU perfectly...! 

Just enough work, just enough of a challenge, but still producing the results you want along with the desire to get back at it and hit the gym again...when you have found that, you have found YOUR "Heat Level"...and do you know what you get when you get to that point?

    . Consistent Results and Progress...NO PLATEAUS!
    . Pain free workouts, but just enough "muscle fatigue" that you know they worked hard
    . Higher energy levels throughout the day
    . Better sleep and waking up feeling rested and ready for the day
    . Actually look forward to your next workout
    . You find fitness becoming part of your lifestyle with no sacrifices on your part
    . and then, the biggest surprise of all...

You find yourself wanting to "Turn Up the Heat"...!! (and that means you find yourself considering challenges that are beyond your initial goals and expectations!) and you can come back here or like us on Facebook to be one of the first to read excerpts from our upcoming new book

Sound like fun?  We apply the same approach to our Wellness Coaching (which is available online, in person, or via the phone)...benefit from our PROVEN approach to finding more to like about your life, your goals, and your ability to deal with life and everything it throws at you (and we have had a LOT thrown at us over the years!

The Chile Pepper APPROACH

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