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The Chile Pepper APPROACH

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One-on-One Personal Training:  The sessions are designed to provide a complete, efficient whole body workout.  We will design the programs around equipment you have available to you, teaching you proper technique, along with variations for each exercise..
We teach proper form, intensity, and work within your body’s unique ability and limitations.  Sessions are fun, balanced, and functional for the activities of your choosing.  We also work with nutrition and recovery with each session. Sessions are goal and sport specific, and designed around personal recovery ability and exercise tolerance.  Each workout starts with an appropriate warm up, flexibility enhancing moves, and a proper cool down.                                                                                                                                                                         50/session

Wellness Coaching:  Sessions are designed to help balance all of the issues that make wellness possible, including stress, eating, exercise, education, and recovery.  This is our newest and potentially most important service, with the weight of the world bearing down on all of us, knowing how to cope, adapt, and strive to move forward can make the biggest difference in lowering your health care costs, improve your quality of life, and look forward to each day with enthusiasm.  Our time tested approach can work whether we meet in person, in public, or online; we will work to help YOU find the perfect balance in your life, let our 20+ yrs of experience help guide you!              50/session

Certified Medical Exercise Specialist / Clinical Exercise Specialist:  One of the highest level certifications in the industry, and a category we have specialized in for years...working with special populations or people with chronic conditions and disease.  Only a handful of people in the state have acquired this certification, and it takes personal responsibility to a higher level.  A lot of people have conditions that make them potentially unsuitable to work with most trainers; in many cases, the conditions are a direct contraindication to the trainer's certification.  
These individuals have special needs, and have special recovery issues that can affect how they respond to exercise...click on the link for more detail, and be assured we take our responsibility for this at the highest level as well.                                                       70/session

Partner Assisted Training:  These sessions are designed to work two people together, with the goal being increased motivation, support and advanced learning.  The sessions are fun, challenging, and promote the proven “buddy system” for improved results.  Both clients will learn how to perform the exercises correctly, offer support, and how to spot when the most common training errors occur.  This will help maximize progress and results.  The sessions are also less expensive per person!  In this economy, this is a great solution for clients that want the personal (as opposed to "group") training benefits while reducing their cost and increasing their retention.                        from 50/pair/session

Nutritional Consulting and Meal Planning:  Our most important service, and the one that can help people the most. We know all about the promises of drastic, rapid weight loss, the claims, the supplements, and the "shakes" that claim medical benefits.  We offer a "No Gimmick" guarantee.  We can custom design nutritionally balanced meal plans, based upon actual caloric need, goals, resting metabolic rate, and desired goals.  We can design customized meal plans, taking into consideration the foods you like, dislike, and have to avoid.  We have over 40,000 items in our food data bank, and that allows us to use foods of our client’s choice, with the correct portions specified.  We offer Dietmaster Pro software to aid in meal tracking.  Our software was designed and approved by registered dietitians and PhD’s. There are no gimmick diet plans or miracle supplements or outrageous promises of drastic weight loss.  Plans are available in one, three, and seven day programs.  We also offer multiple session packages to promote adherence and education, and nutritional consulting and coaching is now included in our ALL of our Wellness Coaching programs!                                                                                                         from 40/session

Body Gem Metabolic Testing: Determining your individual metabolic rate will allow for a more accurate calorie plan.  The BodyGem measures an individual’s resting metabolic rate to determine the specific individual resting caloric needs of the client.  This number will establish a precise calorie level baseline. This measurement increases accuracy and allows for a personally tailored program, based on the individual’s unique metabolic fingerprint.  When partnered with Dietmaster Client software, it provides the best combonation to help overcome weight loss obstacles.  We own and operate three BodyGem devices (Indirect calorimiters), and we have taught dozens of users how to implement the device, and have considerably more experience than most practitioners, not only in using it but helping you understand exactly what the number means and what affects it.                                                                                                                              99/session

Golf Fitness Training: We searched everywhere, but found that a golf specific training program was something our clients wanted but could not find in the area.  After decades of working with golfers, studying the unique fitness components of golf, and considerable research, we have a program that is geared towards improving the functional muscle actions needed to optimize your golf game.  Balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and timing are all addressed in this program.                                                                                           50/session

Corporate Wellness Programs: More employers are turning to corporate wellness programs as a means of increasing productivity, reducing sick days, lowering insurance costs, stress reduction, and greater employee retention.  A smart, healthy workplace is a great benefit to any company.  We offer customized “a la carte” programs, incorporating exercise planning, training, seminars, handouts, nutritional consulting, metabolic testing, and more.  Testimonials are available.  These programs are unique and very effective, and provide a great value to the employer and employees.

Health and Wellness Seminars:  We regularly speak to groups about dozens of health and fitness related topics.  Topic suggestions are always welcome, or we can speak on a number of topics we have available.  Handouts and audio CD’s will be available for most topics.  We can work with crowds of 100+, or as small as six.  We will design and customize the programs for the clients. We are also conducting Adult Education/Community Education programs on Body Composition and Weight Management.  These classes are interactive, educational, and motivating.  You will be able to see excerpts from some of our events on our YouTube video channel this spring!

Business Partners Program:  This is a great opportunity for local business owners and employees to earn free training!  We offer a professional referral program; if one of your client signs up for a minimum session package, you will receive a free one-on-one session!  This promotion is available on a very limited basis, please call.  We also participate in the Chamber of Commerce Business-to-Business promotions.