The Chile Pepper APPROACH


Houston Fitness Consultants offers seminars and workshops pertaining to the fitness industry and personal fitness education. The seminars are highly informative, challenging, informal, and have provided many individuals with the tools to get them motivated.

Participating doctors and established fitness centers have benefited from well planned, educational clinics ranging from 45 minutes to two hours. The topics discussed can range from introduction to exercise, goal setting, demonstrations of proper exercise technique, home gym design, body composition testing, basic metabolic information, and more.

Services are quoted based on group size, affiliation, and desired topics.


Weight Loss-Practical Solutions
Childhood Obesity
Youth Fitness and Sprts Training 
Diet Trends and How They Affect Your Exercise
Core Conditioning-Importance and Benefits
Metabolism-What It Is, and How To Change It
Calorie Restricted Diets-Problems Relating to Weight Loss
Body Composition-Real Answers to Your Questions
Sport Specific Training
Exercise Sequence- Options to Keep your Exercise Productive
Multi Joint Exercise vs. Single Joint Exercise
Low Fat Diets-Disadvantages
Overtraining-Are you exercising TOO much?
Goal Setting-Developing a Plan
Abdominal and Lower Back Training-
Advantages and Limitations of Weight/Resistance Training
Advantages and Limitations of Aerobic Exercise
Stretching and Flexibility Training
Stress Reduction-How stress affects your exercise
Recovery Based Exercise-how to determine and enhance your recovery
Injury Prevention and Injury Recovery
Rotator Cuff Problems: Causes and Solutions

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