One on One Personal Training

Our specialty, since 1993, is in professionally designed and executed One on One Personal Training.

 We apply our unique "Chile Pepper Approach", which helps our clients understand their unique

tolerance for "heat" this case, the intensity of their workouts and their unique and personal ability

to fully recover between workouts.

Our workouts focus on functional, highly efficient exercises, evidence based combinations, and recovery-specific rest intervals.  Maximizing the amount of work done for each exercise to hit the targeted muscle group, and optimizing the sequence of the exercises allows for highly personalized workout plans.  Understanding the primary and secondary movers, their tendencies, and the personal limits of the muscles involved with each exercise makes the possibility of goal specific training very high, with minimal wasted time and effort.

With the equipment we have available at both locations, and working with the client to understand the equipment they may have t home or at a gym they belong to allows us to teach proper technique and intensity with every exercise, so as our clients progress, so does their ability to perform their exercises when training on their own.  Our goal with the workout sessions is not just to train, but to educate, and many of our clients have gone on to become trainers themselves.  Our research is ongoing, and we strive to learn what our clients will be exposed to, from exercises to trends to diets to relaxation techniques. We follow established ACSM and ACE guidelines for warmup, HIIT, cooldown and recovery, but we tailor it for the individual.

We incorporate optimal techniques from many training styles, using an approach very similar to the legendary Bruce Lee, who developed his martial art form, Jeet Kune Do, as a way to take the best techniques from every form he studied and apply the best lessons and drills from each form to create a highly efficient and highly respected approach to the martial arts.  Our training involve elements of traditional boot camp, conventional free weight and bodybuilding style training, plate loaded and mutli-angle machines, sandbags, medicine balls, kettlebells, ropes, bodyweight specific, elements of pilates and yoga,and  high intensity functional movements popular in CrossFit and adventure racing...all combined and optimized for the unique needs of the client.  No "me too" workouts.  No "gimmick of the week" workouts.  No excessive exercises that put the client at risk based on their ability...but they do allow to push the envelope with each exercise and establish new limits with each workout.

Our training packages include a comprehensive one on one consultation where we will learn about your exercise history diet and nutrition history, accomplishments, goals, your work, hobbies and activities, any limitations or conditions that may have affected your progress or your health, we discuss the reasons behind understanding resting metabolic rate and how it applies to diet and exercise, assess body composition and BMI and explain the important differences between the two numbers, and answer any questions the prospective client may have regarding medical conditions and special situations that could affect the workouts.  We also discuss the essential components of a well designed workout program, including warm ups, intensity, frequency, time and types of exercise, cool downs, flexibility, and the application of these principals to their workouts.  Some of our training packages include a signed copy of a book project we were involved in called "Breakin' Down the Barriers", a great reference and motivational guide featuring interviews with some of the nation's top trainers.

The goal for us?  To help our clients get the most out of every workout, every exercise, and every lesson we can teach them, and to help them reach their goals, one step at a time, every time.  Our goal for our clients?  To reach the goals they have set for themselves, reach for more than they thought they could do, find the perfect balance between their ideal weight or goal and the work it will take to get there, and to help them live the life they deserve, filled with success, pride, accomplishments, life balance, and peace of mind.

The Chile Pepper APPROACH

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