After years of research working with experienced golfers from scratch to high handicap, we have developed a program ideally suited to helping golfers improve their fitness, reduce injury, improve recovery, and enjoy more of the their time golfing!

Understanding the specific kinetic chains involved in golf, looking at the specific lines of force and tension, helping to correct any muscle imbalances, and training to improve the core strength and proper turn can result in greater yardage off the tee, stronger and more consistent shots from the fairways in, and even calmer and better managed putting.  The secondary benefit is that having muscles capable of doing the right amount of work can greatly reduce the chance for injury...and that means more time to spend on golf.

We can help you with a program that starts with one specific "core" workout, and it will include exercises you can do at home or in the gym.  For our promotional deals, you will get a written copy of the workout to use, along with suggestions on effective warm-up activities, an understanding of why stretching BEFORE you golf can hurt your performance, and the right way to get ready for the course.

We also work with golfers year round to help them improve their conditioning, manage their weight, eliminate weak links in the kinetic chain, and be "golf ready" all year long.  

Custom designed programs from one to multiple sessions are available.  Contact us for details!



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