The Chile Pepper APPROACH

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Charitable Equipment Donation

One of the programs we offer is the opportunity for clients in the community to turn some of their old exercise equipment into a legitimate tax deduction.

Nearly everyone has, at one time or another, purchased a piece of exercise equipment with the best intentions, only to discover it, months later, under a pile of boxes or clothes in their basement or garage.

We would rather see that equipment accomplish what it was intended to do. We have personally placed thousands of dollars worth of donated exercise equipment to senior centers, retirement villages, fire departments and police stations in the area.

We allow a short time window for our clients to contact their friends, and see what equipment they may have available. We offer, as a show of appreciation, a free one on one personal training session, performed at our NEW Clarkston Professional Personal Training Studio. This service is a 60.00 value...Our way of saying "Thank You" while letting us help you move out some old equipment, and helping some area seniors or schools get equipment they need!!

Then, we contact the senior centers or youth facilities in the area, and get a wish list from them regarding the type of equipment they may be looking to acquire.
If we have the piece available, we arrange to pickup the piece from the client, and we deliver it and set it up for the senior center. We also teach them the basics of using the piece safely.

Then, the senior center contacts the individual donating the equipment, and offers them an appropriate tax deduction for the value of the donated piece.

This ends up a win-win situation for everybody involved! The client gets a deduction for the equipment, they get to find the equipment a home without feeling like they had to throw it away; the senior center gets to offer their members exercise equipment as a value to the residents and guests. It also helps get unused equipment in the hands of people who can truly benefit from it. We all know the value of exercise for seniors; this is a way for them to exercise without putting a financial burden on themselves or their families.

The type of equipment that we usually get requests for include treadmills (prefer motorized), small hand weights, recumbent exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, resistance bands, and exercise balls.JUST FYI:  We only perform this service in our studio areas....we have had a number of people contact us about picking up their equipment in Houston TX...but we have to inform them that "Houston" is our LAST name, not the city we work in!!