The Chile Pepper APPROACH

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MEDICAL EXERCISE SPECIALIST AND CLINICAL EXERCISE: Far more than just Personal Training and Exercise, it is an approach benefiting the client and the medical professional.

​Millions of Americans suffer from chronic disease and even more have received some form of medical rehabilitation for an injury or an illness. Most of these people have something in common-they can enhance their quality of life with a properly designed program of exercise, physical activity, and lifestyle modification. The medical community has often had to "hope for the best" when making the recommendation to initiate a scientifically designed, research based program for their patients. We offer a professional solution. As American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Clinical Exercise Specialists, Houston Fitness Consultants offers the professional experience, knowledge and credentials to create and implement programs for these individuals. We have amassed thousands of hours in designing productive exercise and activity programs for people suffering from the following chronic conditions and diseases:

Cardiovascular disease
Low Back Pain
Peripheral Vascular Disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Neuromuscular Disorders
Diabetes and other debillitating conditions.

 With all of the confusion and frustration over changes in health care, doctors getting to be too busy to see new patients, and lifestyle choices making the cost of health insurance go up, Medical Exercise and Clinical Exercise offers a significant benefit to the doctor/patient relationship: a bridge that helps BOTH sides communicate and take action regarding reducing health risks and the costs associated with chronic conditions and disease.  This approach helps address the growing problems of high health care costs, limited doctor availability, and maximum program retention and benefit.

Our programs include an introductory meeting, fitness/physical assessment, and an in-depth review of any exclusive information provided by your medical professional. A standard medical PAR-Q form will be explained and the importance of the communication with the physician will be emphasized as well. Our experience in program design will ensure a safe, effective, and practical exercise program working within your limitations and promoting maximum safety. Our studio is designed to provide a safe, semi-private environment to help the client feel at ease. Workouts are designed to be educational, efficient, and motivating. We will work in conjunction with your healthcare professionals to design, implement and manage a program designed to reduce your health risks, improve physical conditioning and endurance, strengthen weakened muscles and improve range of motion and joint function, improve cardiovascular condition and function. Our programs will also enhance neuromuscular re-education, proprioreceptive training, and create better balance and flexibility.

All of these benefits improve quality of life, confidence, self esteem, body composition, and help individuals get on track to resume the life they deserve. We offer advanced services centering on maximizing the benefits of exercise, including: Nutrition and Meal planning, Metabolic Testing , Online Continuing Programs, Online Support, Home Fitness Center Design, and we even assist in determining home fitness equipment specific to client needs.