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Houston Fitness Consultants consists of the husband and wife team of Dan and Cherie Houston.  Dedicated to the active lifestyle and passionate about teaching others to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals, enjoy eating, and improve their health and wellness; it is the basis for everything we do.  Our approach is about improving our client's quality of the gym, in sports, after hours, at home, dining, resting...we benefit from the approach we take, and we want our clients to experience the joy of feeling great, being active, and taking an active role in improving our health  Always learning, always teaching, always experimenting and always looking for new ways to help the exercise experience for our clients.  We have fun with our workouts, enjoy our work, and have hobbies we truly enjoy that allow us to relax, be creative, and celebrate life!

Our Facility

In 2017, Houston Fitness Consultants made the decision to consolidate our two training studios in to one full service, full feature studio! This studio allows us to offer the most advanced workout techniques and training opportunities for our clients, in a comfortable nature filled setting.  

Our location is 2000 sq. ft, and can handle one on one, partner, and small group workouts with one or multiple trainers.  We are partnered with Cedar Crest Academy, where we teach a very popular Fitness Education Elective, and we can accommodate up to 20 working students at a time.  Settled into a comfortable, nature filled area; free from the distractions of the workday, it allows our clients to relax and focus on their workouts, using equipment ranging from traditional plate loaded machines, classic cast iron weights, dumbbells to 60 lbs, kettlebells to 50 lbs, sandbags, medicine balls, battleropes, balance training, machines, whole body vibration, suspension straps, inversion and more.  We have been ahead of the curve in application of training equipment and plan to stay that way!

We invite you to look at our album and see what we have to offer for cardio, functional, fixed weight and plate loaded equipment.  

These are just a few of the steps Houston Fitness Consultants incorporate into the business of Personal Training and Consulting. Exercise trends currently being promoted have long been incorporated into the programs we develop for our clients.


We maintain national certifications from ACE, NFPT, NESTA and WITS; we also have affiliations with ACSM, AAPT and NSCA.
Dan Houston is an ACE-certified Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, one of only a handful in the state of Michigan, and has 24 years experience as a certified personal trainer.  Co-author of two national books on fitness and training trainers (Dan was a "master trainer" for Bally's for a number of years, training the trainers.), he has a new book on the way, "Turning Up the Heat: The Chile Pepper Approach to Exercise, Health and Wellness", offering readers a lifetime of benefit based on years of experience in the field.

Cherie Houston and Dan Houston are ACE Certified Personal Trainers, and also ACE Certified Wellness Coaches (formerly known as Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultants), which is a program designed to bridge the relationship between doctors and their patients regarding exercise and lifestyle modification to improve health and lower health risk factors.  Wellness Coaching WORKS, and it has
opened up new doorways to help our clients reach their goals and improve their quality of life.  This lowers health care costs and reduces health risks, plus helps to improve the doctor-patient relationship.

We constantly research new continuing education categories from the other nationally recognized certification programs, adding considerably to our library of information that we share with our clients.

We have additional credentials for working with special populations, seniors, young athletes, post injury and post therapy, and pre- and post-natal exercise programs.

Our Certified Medical Exercise Specialist Certification is a groundbreaking approach to offering the medical community professional assistance in developing and implementing exercise and lifestyle programs for people with chronic conditions.  We are actively encouraging doctors to contact us to help improve their patient's health care results.

The Chile Pepper Approach



The Chile Pepper APPROACH